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What is Rg-6 coaxial cable ?

RG-6 cable is one of the most common types of coaxial cable. It is widely used in commercial and house area. The designation RG6 is a label that shows the usage of this cable.In actual fact, varous types of rg6 cables have different specifications. Rg6 cable was first named by military department. Now it means coaxial cable of 75-ohm impedance and 18AWG conductor.

What are the most important rg6 cable products at present? Rg-6 connectors , taking digicon connetor for example, can not meet the requirements of performance and reliability. The technology of conical swedge are applied in the connectors and this helps to make a compression of 360 degrees and make a perfect connecting with the jacket without a gap. This technology is a great breakthrough. Digicon Rg-6 F connectors are applied in various cables. The nut present makes sure the security of connecting and griping.

What facility could be suitable for Rg-6 coaxial cable. When you buy a rg6 coaxial cable for the purpose of various installation from a shop, you will get a messenger wire along with the cable which is of quad-shield and covered by PE jacket protecting the cable while running underground.

Notes in manufacturing small cross-section fire-resistant cable.

As we know, because of the restrict of equipments, small cross-section fire -resistant cable is hardly able to pass fire-resistant experiments.After some time research, summit cable found the following process can help to succeed in experiments.

1. Small cross-section conductor applies single round copper wire. Soft construction wires is apt to harm the mica tape. So it's not suitable to be used in fire-resistant cables.

2. A and B standard fire-resistant cables should use compound mica tape

3. PE and XLPE is much better as insulation material.

4. When the pile number is even number, 55% positive wrap is better. When it is odd number, portrait 55% positive wrap is better. While wraping, the width of mica tape, wrap angle and strength should be controled strictly to make sure that the coverage is lager than 50%.

5. While making the insulation, the inner mould should be a bit larger.

6. Wraping should be done by high precision wraping machines. Because common wraping machine is not stable.